Walk to Mordor Challenge – Tookland

Walk to Mordor

I haven’t started my official walking regimen yet, but just through normal day-to-day walking, I am now 5.77 miles into my journey and have arrived in Tookland.

I have 26.23 miles to go, to reach the Encounter with the Black Rider, 234.23 miles to Weathertop, 1778.23 miles to reach Mt. Doom and 2435.23 miles until my journey is complete.

Walk to Mordor Challenge

Walk to Mordor

I got my new Fitbit – Charge 2 Activity Tracker  today, so I have decided to officially embark on my quest to walk to Mordor and back.

I probably won’t start working on this hard-core until my new treadmill is set up, but I’m going to go ahead and start tracking my steps.

I will periodically update the blog with my progress.

My current location is Bagend. I have 5 miles to go to reach Tookland and 2436 miles to go to complete my journey.