A Day in the Life – 100 Best Songs

Next up on my list of the 100 Best Songs of all time, is A Day in the Life by The Beatles.

A Day in the Life is the second Beatles song on my 100 Best Songs list. Initially, I thought it was one I hadn’t heard before, but once I started it up, I realized I just didn’t recognize the title.

Much like Hey Jude, A Day in the Life has a lush orchestral sound and a thought-provoking message and mixes tempos and moods throughout the song. It begins as a basic melancholy ballad, then in the second half the song becomes more upbeat and uptempo and then finishes with a dramatic crescendo.

It doesn’t have the same sing-along, ear worm quality as Hey Jude, but the song does a good job of evoking emotion and making you think about life and the world around you, while also being entertaining. This isn’t really my favorite Beatles tune, in terms of a song I’d want to listen to frequently for enjoyment, but I think it is a song that is definitely worthy of this list.

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