Out of the Park Baseball 16 Epic League

For this project, I have started a historical league in Out of the Park Baseball 16 and will play as the GM of the St. Louis Cardinals organization from the beginning of Major League Baseball in 1871 to 2071 for an epic 200 seasons of Out of the Park Baseball.

I will be documenting this project on my Baseball Realms blog.


Cardinals Blog

I enjoy both the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and writing about stuff, so blogging about the Cardinals seems like a natural extension of that.

Getting the blog started is mostly a function of time.  I am going to tentatively aim to start either during the 2014/2015 “hot stove” season or the 2015 baseball season.

I will update the blog when I am ready to get started.


Complete Charity Walk/Run

I would like to complete a charity run or walk once my fitness level will allow it.

One event I have in mind is the Cardinals Care 6k and one mile fun run.  This event is per the website:

Themed around the greatest Cardinals ever, Hall of Famer, the late Stan “The Man” Musial, this 6K run is an exciting event for fans that honors Stan’s legacy, promotes health and fitness, and raises funds for Cardinals Care to help kids.

An event closer to home would be our local Relay for Life 5k or a World Run Day event.

I will update the blog when I am ready to begin training.



Cardinals Topps Baseball Card Collection

I had a decent size baseball card collection when I was a kid, but ended up leaving it behind somewhere along the way.

I don’t intend to start another general collection, but I would like to collect the Topps version of all the St. Louis Cardinals players’ cards from 1982 (the year I started following baseball) to the present.

I have some of the cards via a collection my grandpa left behind, but I haven’t sorted through them all to see which ones yet.

I will update the blog with my progress.


Busch Stadium – Sit in the Green Seats

The “green seats” at Busch stadium are the premium seats directly behind home plate. So far, I have sat in the bleachers and the Bank of America Club at Busch III.

Both areas have their appeal, but sitting in the green seats is a bucket list worthy experience. The green seats are officially known as the “Cardinals Club,” which is one of the many all-inclusive areas at the stadium.  In addition to those primo seats behind the plate, you get an “upscale buffet” and unlimited drinks.  Average price for Cardinal’s Club tickets is around $300, though with dynamic pricing it changes from game to game.

In order to fulfill this wish, I’ll need to save up the $300 for the ticket, plus about $300 for a hotel room downtown plus another $100 or so for food and gas.

I will update the blog when I’m ready to make plans for my green seat experience.




Martial Arts – Earn a Belt

I have been fascinated with the martial arts since I was a little kid.  Whether it was The Karate Kid, Karate Champ, or the latest Jean Claude Van Damme movie, I loved it all.

I don’t have any aspirations of becoming a Kung Fu Master, but I would like to earn at least one belt.

Schools that teach adults in this area seem to be a bit thin, but this one looks promising:

Revolution MMA

I will update the blog when I am ready to start taking classes.


World Series Game – Be a Spectator

I’ve been fortunate enough to see the Cardinals play in several World Series on television, however I haven’t yet had the chance to see them play in a series in person.

With the number of good young players the Cardinals have at the major and minor league level, hopefully there will be a number of opportunities to cross this item off my list in the coming years.

I will update the blog when I’m read to plan my trip.


Kentucky Derby – Be a Spectator

The Kentucky Derby is billed as the “most exciting 2 minutes in sports.”  I don’t know about that, but I’ve always enjoyed watching the derby on TV.

Tickets to the derby are a bit pricey, but at least once, I’d like to put on my ridiculously over sized hat and see the Kentucky Derby in person.

I will update the blog when I make plans to attend.