Rubik’s Cube – Solve One

I had several Rubik’s cubes as a kid, but always ended up eventually taking the thing apart and putting it back together instead of legitimately solving it.

For this bucket list item, I want to properly solve a Rubik’s cube.

First, I’ll need to buy one.  They go for about $11 at Amazon.

I’ll update the blog when I’m ready to tackle the cube.


80’s Toy Collection

I love toys.  Like most kids, I didn’t get to have all the cool toys that I really wanted, but I still had a healthy collection of Transformers, G.I. Joes and Masters of the Universe.

Since I was a child of the 80’s my toy collection will focus on that decade, with an emphasis on the above mentioned toys, as well as some other stuff I liked but didn’t have much of, like Star Wars toys and Voltron.

This item primarily depends on money.  I’m looking to collect for enjoyment rather than value, so I’m fine with loose toys or possibly even reproductions, which should save me some money.

I will update the blog when I’m ready to start collecting.