100 Best Animated Movies – The List

Here’s my list of the 100 Best Animated Films, which I compiled by consulting the most popular best of lists on the Internet and then selecting the 100 movies with the most votes.

  1. Toy Story Trilogy
  2. Spirited Away
  3. My Neighbor Totoro
  4. The Incredibles
  5. Pinocchio
  6. The Iron Giant
  7. Up
  8. Dumbo
  9. Fantasia
  10. Ratatouille
  11. Snow White
  12. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  13. Grave of the Fireflies
  14. 101 Dalmatians
  15. Finding Nemo
  16. Who Framed Roger Rabbitt
  17. Bambi
  18. How to Train Your Dragon
  19. South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut
  20. The Little Mermaid
  21. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  22. Coraline
  23. It’s Such a Beautiful Day
  24. The Secret of NIMH
  25. The Triplets of Belleville
  26. Waking Life
  27. Wall-E
  28. Wallace & Gromit Curse of the WereRabbit
  29. Waltz with Bashir
  30. Beauty & The Beast
  31. Frozen
  32. Monsters Inc
  33. Persepolis
  34. The Jungle Book
  35. Yellow Submarine
  36. Akira
  37. Chicken Run
  38. Cinderella
  39. Lady and the Tramp
  40. Mary and Max
  41. Tangled
  42. The Illusionist
  43. Aladdin
  44. Charlotte’s Web
  45. Kung Fu Panda Trilogy
  46. Millennium Actress
  47. Paprika
  48. Princess Mononoke
  49. Rango
  50. The Adventures of Prince Achmed
  51. The King and the Mockingbird
  52. The Lego Movie
  53. The Many Adventures of Winnie
  54. Watership Down
  55. When the Wind Blows
  56. Wreck It Ralph
  57. A Bug’s Life
  58. Alice
  59. Ernest and Celestine
  60. Fantastic Planet
  61. Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence
  62. Heaven and Earth Magic
  63. Howl’s Moving Castle
  64. Inside Out
  65. James and the Giant Peach
  66. Kirikou and the Sorceress
  67. Mulan
  68. ParaNorman
  69. Ponyo
  70. Shrek
  71. The Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner Movie
  72. The Castle of Cagliostro
  73. The Lion King
  74. The Simpsons Movie
  75. Tokyo Godfathers
  76. A Scanner Darkly
  77. A Town Called Panic
  78. Anastasia
  79. Anomalisa
  80. Antz
  81. Arthur Christmas
  82. Big Hero 6
  83. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
  84. Brave
  85. Castle in the Sky
  86. Chico and Rita
  87. The Lord of the Rings
  88. Coonskin
  89. Robin Hood
  90. Faust
  91. Frankenweenie
  92. Fritz the Cat
  93. From Up on Poppy Hill
  94. Hercules
  95. Peter Pan
  96. Kiki’s Delivery Service
  97. The Last Unicorn
  98. Lilo and Stitch
  99. Little Otik
  100. Metropolis

Some Like it Hot – 100 Best Movies


The next movie I tackled on my list of 100 Best Movies is Some Like It Hot.

Some Like it Hot Plot Summary (Spoilers):

CasketSome Like It Hot begins with two dour looking gentleman riding in a hearse with a flower draped casket. The hearse is being pursued by police, who open fire on the vehicle. The two men return fire. The police shoot some holes in the casket, which begins leaking some sort of liquid. The men in the hearse open the casket to reveal it is full of whiskey bottles and the movie’s setting is revealed to be prohibition era Chicago.

A federal agent infiltrates the funeral parlor the vehicle they were chasing fled to and discovers it is a front for a speakeasy. A couple musicians, played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, in the band spot the federal agent putting on his badge and decide to high tail it out of the speakeasy, before it gets raided.

The police raid the speakeasy and chaos ensues. The two musicians, named Jerry and Joe, sneak out via the fire escape. The guys are flat broke and now won’t get their paycheck for playing at the speakeasy. They try betting their overcoats on a dog race and lose.

They try to find some work at an agency, but come up empty, until Joe’s pissed off girlfriend, Nellie, tells him there is a client looking for a sax and a bass for a three-week, all-expenses paid, gig in Florida. Jerry and Joe rush into the office only to find that the client needs two females under 25 to fill the positions.

Jerry tries to talk Joe into dressing in drag and taking the Florida gig, but Joe thinks he’s nuts. They get offered a gig on the U of I campus that they accept instead. Neither of them has a car and the gig is 100 miles away, so Joe talks Nellie into loaning them her car. The guys head over to the garage where Nellie’s car is and interrupt some mobsters playing poker. Before they can get the car, the game is raided by the mobsters who owned the speakeasy, who are pissed at the poker playing mobsters, because one of them, named Toothpick Charlie, ratted the speakeasy mobster, named Spats Colombo out to the feds.

MassacreSpats’ crew shoots Toothpick’s crew dead, while Joe & Jerry try to hide behind the car, but they are discovered. Spats gives the order for Joe and Jerry to be shot, but they are saved when the gunmen are distracted by a surviving poker player trying to get to the phone. Jerry and Joe escape while the gunmen finish off the poker player.

The pair duck into a cigar shop and Joe calls the agency, posing as a female musician. The scene shifts to Joe and Jerry, in drag, boarding a train to Florida. Jerry tries to chicken out on the platform, fearing they’ll never manage to pass as women, but when he sees a newspaper headline about the shooting, he changes his mind and they get on the train.

Sugar KaneJerry is excited about the prospect of being surrounded by women, but Joe warns him not to try anything. When the pair try to find a private spot to fix Jerry’s chesticles, they discover Sugar Kane, played by Marilyn Monroe, sneaking a drink. Jerry lusts after Sugar, but Joe repeats his warning not to pursue any of the women.

Sugar gets busted with her flask during band practice, but Jerry claims its his, to keep her from getting kicked out of the band. Jerry continues to lust after the girls and Joe continues to warn him to cool it. Meanwhile, their employers begin to suspect there is something “weird” about them and resolve to keep an eye on them.

When Joe finds out that Sugar is running away from her career playing in male bands because she can’t trust herself and has a thing for sax players, he starts to lust after her himself. Sugar, on the other hand, is tired of getting pumped and dumped by one sax player after another, which is why she joined a girls band. Sugar tells Joe she’s out to land herself a glasses wearing, yacht owning, millionaire in Florida.

Jerry & OsgoodJerry attracts the attentions of one of the elderly millionaires in Florida, while Joe gets hit on by a bellhop. Tired of getting pinched and pursued by men, Jerry wants to ditch the girl band and go find a gig with a male band, but Joe disagrees, saying the mob will be looking for them among the male bands. Jerry decides to stick it out, but accuses Joe of being motivated by his lust for Sugar.

Joe swipes his employer’s suitcase full of resort clothes and dresses in them so he can pose as a young glasses wearing, millionaire and try to seduce Sugar. Meanwhile Sugar spins her own tales to convince Joe that she’s really a society girl playing with the band for a lark.

BathtubJerry discovers Joe’s ploy and tries to expose him, in spite of Joe’s warning to keep quiet. However, Jerry’s ploy fails and Joe intimidates him into silence. Jerry’s millionaire pursuer, named Osgood Fielding III, calls the room and Joe answers the phone. When Osgood invites “Daphne” to his yacht for dinner, Joe accepts on her behalf. Joe hatches a plot to have dinner on the Yacht with Sugar, while he sticks Daphne/Jerry with a shore bound dinner date with the dirty old man, Osgood.

some-like-it-hot-tangoWith Jerry’s help keeping Osgood on shore, Joe manages to lure Sugar on to the yacht. When Sugar expresses concern that some men would try to take advantage of a woman they were alone with in the middle of the night on a yacht, Joe claims he’s not interested in girls thanks to a tragic accident with a former love, even though he “tries all the time.”

Joe tells Sugar if he ever found the girl who could “cure” him, he’d marry her. Sugar resolves to try and sets to smooching Joe. He keeps up the act. Sugar keeps trying. Eventually, Joe admits he’s enjoying Sugar’s efforts.

When Joe returns to the hotel the next morning, a giddy Jerry tells him he is engaged to Osgood. Joe tries to talk him out of it, but Jerry thinks he can fool Osgood long enough to wrangle a settlement out of him. Joe talks Jerry out of going through with the engagement, but stops him from returning the diamond bracelet Osgood gave him as an engagement gift.

SpatsSpats and his cronies show up in Florida, for a meeting with a higher level mobster named Little Bonaparte, and so does the federal agent who is trying to bust them. Joe and Jerry spot Spats and his crew in the lobby of the hotel and panic. They head back to their room and start packing. Jerry makes a plan to sell the diamond bracelet and flee the country, but Joe refuses to leave without saying goodbye to Sugar.

Joe calls Sugar and tells her he has to leave for South America on business and won’t be back because he is marrying the daughter of some business associate for the sake of his stockholders. To assuage his guilt, he decides to send her the diamond bracelet in a bouquet of orchids.

Joe and Jerry shimmy down the side of the hotel, but get spotted by Spats’ cronies. Spats figures out that they are the two witnesses to Toothpick Charlie’s murder and he and his thugs set out after them.

Anticipating the pursuit, Joe and Jerry hide until Spats and company leave their room and then sneak in through the window. They dress up as an old man in a wheel chair and a bell hop and try to sneak past Spats, but when Spats notices the bellhop is wearing heels, the jig is up.

somelikeithot-killercakeJoe and Jerry hide under the banquet table where Spats and his crew are seated at the meeting with Little Bonaparte. Pissed off by Spats murder of Toothpick Charlie, Little Bonaparte arranges for an assassin to hide in a giant birthday cake and pop out and murder Spats and his crew. Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Joe and Jerry flee the room after the murder, but Bonaparte spots them and orders his men to get them. Joe and Jerry change back into their drag outfits and escape the mob. Joe convinces Jerry to call Osgood and tell him he wants to elope, so they can hide out on the yacht.

Joe spots Sugar singing about being through with love and lays a kiss on her. Sugar thinks Joe is his drag persona Josephine at first, but eventually figures it out. The mob isn’t fooled and chases after him.

Joe and Jerry escape the mob and join Osgood in his boat. Sugar follows and gets in the boat. Joe tries to convince Sugar she doesn’t want him and confesses to being a lying, saxophone player, just like all her previous disappointing beaus, but Sugar shuts him up with a kiss.

Nobody's PerfectDaphne/Jerry tries to convince Osgood that the two of them can’t get married by listing reasons ranging from being a smoker to not being able to have children, but Osgood won’t be swayed. Finally, Jerry takes off the wig and admits he’s a man, but Osgood says “Well, nobody’s perfect” and the movie ends.

Some Like it Hot Commentary:

Some Like it Hot is billed as a romantic comedy and is considered by many to be one of the funniest films of all time. I have to admit, I didn’t find the film to be all that funny or romantic.

Some LIke it Hot DragIt had its moments. The suspension of disbelief required to accept that even the dimmest of people would be convinced by Jerry and Joe’s drag outfits for any length of time is a bit on the high side for me.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the film for me was the way it played around with the homosexual/bisexual themes. First, we have two adult men living together and acting very coupley at times, in spite of the fact that both of them, at different times are over the top with their lusting after women.

Sugar & JoeSecond, there’s Joe’s fake “I’m not interested in women, in spite of trying all the time,” act with Sugar. It’s seems like it probably is just a ploy to motivate Sugar to chase after him and miraculously cure him, but given the chemistry between Joe and Jerry, it’s easy to see Joe as a try hard playboy who keeps chasing skirts, because he’s in denial.

Finally, there’s the whole Osgood/Jerry relationship. I’m inclined to believe that Osgood was never fooled by Jerry’s drag get-up and is either gay or bisexual. Jerry also seems rather fond of Osgood, in spite of his initial impression of him as a “dirty old man” and his lust for Sugar. Though Jerry’s initial intent with Osgood probably is to try to get his hands on his money, Jerry seems to be genuinely fond of him and conflicted about his feelings for him by the end of the film.

Some Like it Hot probably wouldn’t make my personal list of 100 Best Films, but it does have some strong performances, interesting, for the time period, themes and funny moments.

Raging Bull – 100 Best Movies

Jake Champion

The next movie I tackled on my list of 100 Best Movies is Raging Bull.

Raging Bull Plot Summary (Spoilers):

raging bull opening sceneRaging Bull opens with a black and white shot of a boxer warming up in a boxing ring. The scene shifts to a pudgy man, eventually revealed to be Jake La Motta, played by Robert De Niro, who seems to be rehearsing some kind of speech in 1964. The scene then shifts to Jake, in the midst of a boxing match in 1941.

La Motta, an undefeated fighter, is seriously behind on points and his corner man and brother Joey, played by Joe Pesci, advises Jake that he will have to knock his opponent out. Jake knocks his opponent down three times in the final round, but his opponent is saved by the bell on the third knock down and Jake loses the fight. Jake and his corner feel they were robbed and the audience riots over the decision.

Jake has a loud argument with his wife in their apartment, prompting one of Jake’s neighbor’s to call him an animal. The argument is interrupted by the arrival of Jake’s brother Joey.

Jake & JoeyJoey has a conversation with Jake about his career and Jake laments that he’ll never be able to face the best in the world because of his size. Jake is a middleweight, while the best in the world is a heavyweight. Joey tries to convince Jake not to stress over something he can’t change. Jake tries to demonstrate how tough he is, or something, by demanding his brother repeatedly punch him in the face.

VickieJake spots a beautiful blonde girl, played by Cathy Moriarty, at the local swimming pool and seems quite taken with her. Joey tells Jake the girl, who is named Vickie and is only 15, is not the kind of girl you just hit and then quit. What’s more, Vickie seems to be involved with the crowd who surround Tommy, a fight promoter Jake refuses to work with, in spite of Joey’s friendship with the man and attempts to convince Jake otherwise. Seeing as how Jake is married, his brother advises him to forget about Vickie. Contradictory to his advice, Joey introduces Jake to Vickie and Jake has an affair with her, at some point, apparently splitting with his wife.

Jake defeats a previously undefeated Sugar Ray Robinson. Jake expects the victory to provide him with a shot at the middleweight title. However, both Sugar Ray and Jake have a hard time finding opponents who want to fight them, so they rematch two more times. Sugar Ray wins both fights.

Home MoviesThe movie shifts to a montage of scenes from a number of fights over the next several years and Jake’s relationship with Vickie, who he eventually marries and has three kids with. The movie comes out of the montage to a scene of Jake and his brother arguing over Joey’s management of Jake’s boxing career. Joey explains that everyone is afraid to fight Jake, so he had to match him against Janiro, a young kid who doesn’t know any better. Jake is concerned he won’t be able to make weight for the fight. Joey claims that if Jake loses the fight because of his weight, then the other fighters won’t be so scared of him anymore and he’ll be able to get his title shot. If he wins, then they’ll still have to give him a shot, because there’s no one else.

Vickie tries to back up Joey’s argument for Jake fighting Janiro, but ends up setting off Jake’s jealousy when she mentions that Janiro has a pretty face and all the girls like him. Jake becomes suspicious that Vickie is cheating on him when he’s not around and asks his brother to keep an eye on her. Jake’s bro tries to convince him that Vickie isn’t doing anything wrong and Jake is just picking at her because he’s stressing about making weight. He encourages Jake to make up with Vickie before he leaves for training camp, but Jake continues to be paranoid and jealous when it comes to Vickie and other men.

JaniroJake knocks Janiro out, but his problems with Vickie continue. She gets in an argument with Jake’s bro because she is tired of Jake’s jealousy and suspicion and tired of being alone so much while Jake trains. She complains that Jake doesn’t even want to fuck anymore. Joey tries to convince Vickie that the problems are all due to Jake being a contender for too long and that once he gets his title shot, everything will get better, but Vickie does not look convinced.

Joey gets in a fight with Salvy, one of his group of friends from the neighborhood, that Vickie is having a drink with, because he suspects something is going on between Salvy and Vickie. Joey goes as far as smashing Salvy’s head in the door of a taxi, before finally being pulled off Salvy.

Tommy tries to make peace between Joey and Salvy and then confronts Joey about why Jake won’t let him promote his fights, saying the fact that Tommy can’t even deliver a fighter from his own neighborhood is making him look bad. Joey explains that Jake wants to make it on his own. Tommy tells Joey to explain to Jake that he’ll never get a shot at the title if he doesn’t work with Tommy.

Raging Bull DiveJake continues to obsess about his suspicion that Vickie is cheating on him. Joey tells Jake that he will get his title shot, but first he has to agree to take a dive in his next fight. Jake throws the fight, but makes it pretty obvious that is what he’s doing in the process, due in part to his refusal to go down in the fight, instead standing around and letting his opponent beat on him until the referee stops the fight. Jake is very upset about throwing the fight and sobs afterwards. He is even more upset when he gets suspended by the board for throwing the fight.

Two years later, Jake finally gets his title shot. He gets upset at Vickie the night before the fight, accusing her of being too friendly with Tommy, and slaps her. Jake wins the fight by TKO, finally becoming the middleweight champion. Jake continues to be suspicious of Vickie. Jake confronts Joey about why he never told Jake about his fight with Salvy. Jake eventually accuses Joey of fucking his wife.

Jake Attacks VickieJoey refuses to answer Jake’s accusations and leaves. Jake then confronts Vickie and smacks her around. Vickie tries to lock herself in the bathroom, but Jake breaks down the door and continues to accuse Vickie of fucking his brother. Vickie angrily tells Jake that she fucked all Joey’s friends and sucked Joey’s cock, which was bigger than Jake’s. After slapping her around some more, Jake leaves. Vickie follows him and slaps and insults him, until Jake knocks her to the ground.

Jake Attacks JoeyJake goes to Joey’s house and attacks him in front of his wife and kids. Vickie tries to stop him, but Jake knocks her down again before leaving. Vickie returns home and begins packing a suitcase. Jake pleads with her not to leave and she embraces him and quits packing.

Jake, who looked on the verge of defeat, knocks out his opponent in his first title defense, with 13 seconds remaining in the final round. After the fight, Vickie encourages Jake to make up with his brother, but Jake doesn’t do it.

You Didn't Knock Me Down RayJake fights Sugar Ray again and loses by TKO. Jake taunts Sugar Ray about never managing to knock him down.

The scene shifts to 1956 and a pudgy Jake talking about how he’s done with boxing and is very happy with his wife and three kids. Vickie also claims to be happy now that Jake is retired. Jake opens up a night club, where he spends his time drinking with and kissing underage girls.

Jake emerges from a night spent at the club to discover Vickie waiting in her car. Vickie tells Jake she is leaving him. Jake thinks this will be just like all the other times Vickie has threatened to leave, but she assures him it’s for real this time and she is getting a divorce and custody of the kids.

Fat JakeThe DA confronts Jake about allowing a 14-year-old girl into his club and introducing her to men. Jake gets arrested and tries to sell the jewels from his championship belt to cover his defense. Jake can’t raise the money and ends up in jail. Jake breaks down in prison, punching and head butting the wall. Jake blubbers about not being an animal, hearkening back to the insult flung at him by his neighbor when he argued with his first wife.

A year later, Jake is back doing his comedy routine. Jake has a new woman who appears to be a burlesque dancer.  Jake spots his brother outside the hotel he is working at, and tries to talk to him, but Joey walks away. Jake follows Joey and tries to make up with him, but Joey doesn’t seem interested.

Raging Bull Ending SceneThe film ends with Jake rehearsing the “I coulda been a contender” speech from On the Waterfront and then psyching himself up to go on stage for his comedy act. The scene then fades to a quote from the bible and the credits roll.

Raging Bull Commentary:

The film was well made and the performances of De Niro and Pesci were compelling. The plot really didn’t interest me that much. The main focus seemed to be in contrasting the success Jake had in the ring vs. the mess he made out of his personal life, thanks to his constant jealousy and paranoia.

I found the whole affair with the 15-year-old to be pretty squicky, but maybe it was considered normal for multiple grown ass men to be chasing after and fucking teenage girls back in the 40’s. I dunno.

Jake ChampionJake is a hard guy to like, which is OK, because I don’t think we were really supposed to like him. He’s obviously a talented boxer, but he’s a pretty shitty human.

Joey is a bit more of a sympathetic character. He certainly isn’t without his faults, but he seems pretty devoted to his brother and at least makes an attempt to steer him away from some of his more destructive tendencies.

With Chinatown, being the first movie I tackled on my list, that makes it two for two on movies that have abuse of young girls as a central plot point and have the main characters slapping around the women they supposedly love, which is kind of a downer.

Raging Bull wasn’t really my cup of tea. I thought it was a good film, but not one I really enjoyed watching that much.

Wheel of Time Marathon – Book 11: Knife of Dreams

Started: 9/28/2015
Finished: 11/10/2015

Knife of Dreams focuses primarily on Matt, Rand, Perrin, Elayne and Egwene. Throughout all of the story lines, it is revealed that signs, such as the rapid spoilage of food, the increase in rats and other vermin and strange sightings, like the dead walking indicate that Tarmon Gai’don is drawing close.

Matt begins the novel, still on the road with Thom Merrilin, Tuon and the rest of his party traveling into Altara with the menegrie. While on the journey, Thom reveals the contents of the letter Moiraine had written to him before her confrontation with Lanfear. The letter revealed that Moiraine is being held prisoner by the Aelfinn and Eelfinn and that there is a chance she could be rescued, but it will be a dangerous attempt that Matt must be involved in for their to be any chance. Matt is reluctant to get involved, particularly since he has come to believe that the Aelfinn may be inside his head already, but he agrees. Matt’s companion Noal also volunteers to join them in their attempt, which appears to involve the strange tower Perrin encountered during his confrontation with Slayer in the Wolf Dream.

Matt also learns that there is a Seanchan plot to murder Tuon, which Tuon assumes may be the work of one of her siblings. Matt determines that they must leave the protection of the menagerie and flee Altara, but after meeting up with Talmanes and the Band of the Red Hand, Matt learns the Seanchan have the pass through the mountains he intended to use to escape blocked. Aided by a new crossbow design one of the inventors at Rand’s school created and Aludra’s weaponized fireworks, Matt and the Band launch a successful guerilla campaign against the Seanchan, drawing the Seanchan out of the pass. However, Matt’s plans are shifted when he encounters a contingent of Deathwatch Guards looking for Tuon. Tuon convinces Matt that the guards, lead by Furyk Karede are loyal to Tuon and with Karede’s help Matt defeats the Seanchan forces sent to kill Tuon. Before departing with Karede to return to Ebou Dar and deal with Suroth, Tuon says the words that make Matt her husband and the Seanchan’s new Prince of Ravens. The pair acknowledges that they may be forced to face each other on the field of battle, though Matt has come to love Tuon.

Tuon discovers that civil war has broken out in Seandar and all of the imperial family, save herself, has been killed, leaving Tuon as the new Empress. Tuon arrives in Ebou Dar and confronts the darkfriend Suroth, who had been scheming to supplant Tuon as the new Empress. Tuon declares that Suroth is to be punished and then sold as a slave.

Rand’s story continued with his plans to meet with the Daughter of the Nine Moons and arrange a truce, so that with Tarmon Gaidon approaching, his forces would not be split between fighting the Dark One and fighting the Seanchan. However, before he could reach the meeting, Rand was forced to deal with a massive attack by Trollocs and Myrddraal. During the attack, Lews Therin was able to seize control of Saidin, which was initially helpful, since he was able to use advanced techniques with the Power to combat the Trollocs, which were able to be adapted by Logain and the other Asha’man to slaughter the Trollocs, but turned to near disaster, when Lews Therin attempted to kill Rand and himself by drawing too much of the power. Rand was able to convince Lews Therin to cease his attempts until Tarmon Gai’don was over, where Rand promised Lews Therin they would both die.

Rand then proceeded on to his meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons, only to find the meeting had been arranged by Semirhage, disguising herself as a Seanchan high lady. Semirhage’s disguise failed before she was able to spring her trap, but she launched an attack against Rand that he was unable to counter due to fighting with Lews Therin for control of the Power, resulting in Rand being seriously injured and losing his left hand. In spite of Rand’s injury, Nynaeve, Cadsuane and their companions were able to defeat and capture Semirhage. Semirhage claims that Graendal had revealed that Rand was afflicted with a madness that allowed him to communicate with Lews Therin, but would ultimately result in his death. In spite of the loss of his hand and the disturbing news, Rand further hardened himself to face the coming battle.

Perrin determines that in order to defeat the Shaido and rescue Faile, he must make an alliance with the Seanchan, which he sees as a “deal with the Dark One.” Perrin makes an alliance with a band of Seanchan led by Tylee Khirgan. He agrees to allow the Seanchan to collar all of the Shaido Wise Ones as damane as part of the deal for their help. In order to neutralize the Shaido Wise One’s channeling, Perrin acquires a large quantity of forkroot tea from the Seanchan, which he puts in the water supply of the town where the Shaido are camped. Perrin also recruits the help of Tam Al’Thor and a large contigent of bowmen from the Two Rivers. Using the Asha’man’s ability to travel and shroud their attack in fog, Perrin and his allies launch a sneak attack on the Shaido. With only a few of the Shaido Wise One’s able to channel, Perrin’s Wise One allies, Asha’man and the Seanchan damane are able to protect Perrin’s forces from attack by the One Power, while his allies decimate the Shaido forces. The attack also had the side benefit of destroying a large number of Masema’s forces, though Masema himself survived.

During the course of the battle, Aram, the former Tinker and Perrin’s companion, who had been convinced by Masema that Perrin’s yellow eyes were proof that he is a darkfriend, attacked and attempted to kill Perrin, however his attempt failed and Aram was killed. Meanwhile, Faile and her companions were attempting to make good on Galina’s promise to help them escape, if they provided her with the rod ter’angreal Therava was using to control Galina. However, Galina betrayed them and left them for dead, trapped under a collapsed building. After failing to shift the debris so they could escape, Faile convinced Morgase to use her small ability with the One Power to manipulate the red scarf Galina had marked their meeting location with, in the hopes that someone would see it and realize they were trapped in the building. Fortunately for Faile, one of their supporters in the camp spotted the scarf and went to get help. Rolan, a Shaido warrior who had taken a romantic interest in Faile, and several of his companions were able to dig Faile and her companions out of the rubble and attempt to sneak them out of the camp. However, when they encountered Perrin in the middle of the battle, not knowing they were on the same side, the pair fought and Perrin killed Rolan and his companions. Faile was upset over Rolan and his companions death, but chose not to reveal to Perrin that they had been helping her escape.

Sevanna was captured and taken prisoner by the Seanchan, leaving Therava to lead the surviving Shaido. Therava re-captured Galina and took her prisoner once again, and revealed that she intended to lead the Shaido back to the A’iel waste, where they would never leave again.

Egwene, who was still a prisoner in the White Tower, managed to resist being broken, in spite of being beaten several times each day, and began a campaign to spread the notion that Elaida was not fit to be Amyrlin through the tower. Though Egwene was able to communicate with the rebel Aes Sedai in the world of dreams, she forbade them from attempting to rescue her, since she planned to pull Elaida down from inside the tower. Egwene’s smear campaign appeared to be working and she even managed to attain allies amongst the novices in the Tower. Meanwhile, in the rebel camp, the rebels reached an agreement with Rand to allow them to bond a number of Asha’man to equal the number of sisters the Asha’man had bonded. They also discovered, through the revelation of the Asha’man ambassador, that Halima had been one of the male Forsaken, posing as a woman and was the person responsible for the murders in the rebel camp, but not before Halima managed to escape.

Pregnant with Rand’s twins, Elayne is still embroiled in her quest to gain the throne of Andor. The Wise Ones having decided that Aviendha needed to return to her own people to continue her training, took Aviendha and departed Camelyn. Before leaving, Aviendha gave Elayne a knife ter’angreal, that Aviendha, who had discovered she had a talent for identifying the use of ter’angreal, said would hide Elayne from Shadowspawn. Facing overwhelming odds and a betrayal by some of her mercenary hires, Elayne’s bid for the throne looks bleak and her situation becomes even more dire, when an attempt to root out some Black Ajah sisters and their darkfriend companions backfires, resulting the deaths of Vandene and two other Aes Sedai, one of which was revealed to be the woman who had killed Adeleas and possibly several members of the Kin. However, Birgette was able to manipulate the Seafolk Windfinders into helping her and a contigent of soliders and guards defeat and capture the Black Sisters and rescue Elayne. Elayne then parlayed their presense outside the walls of Camelyn into a risky opportunity to take her opponent’s for the throne’s forces by surprise and defeat them. As a result, Elayne was able to gain the support of enough houses to claim the throne of Andor.

In other minor story lines, Loial marries Erith and agrees to address the Great Stump, hoping to secure the aid of the Ogier in Tarmon Gai’don. Rand asked Loial to close all of the Waygates, but due to his plans to address the Stump, Eldar Haman agreed to close the Waygates in Loials place.

Lan convinces Nynaeve that he needs to ride to the blight border to take up the fight against the Shadow, since the Borderlanders have inexplicably taken their army south. Nynaeve tricks Lan into promising that he will not go into the Blight until he reaches Fal Dara and that he will accept the help of any men who offer it along the way. She then opens a gateway to World’s End in Saldea, forcing Lan to ride hundreds of miles to keep his promise and then Travels ahead of him to recruit his Malkieri countrymen to aid him in his battle.

Believing that he killed his stepmother Morgase, Galad confronts and then kills Eamon Valda and is named the leader of the Whitecloaks. Galad pledges the Whitecloaks to battle the Dark One at Tarmon Gai’don.

Finally, as the novel concludes, the Red sisters, sent to the Black Tower by Elaida to bond Asha’man, reach an agreement with Mazram Taim to allow them to bond a number of Asha’man equal to the sisters bonded against their will by the Asha’man. When they express their surprise at Taim’s rapid agreement, he responds with the phrase, “Let the Lord of Chaos Rule,” which was the instruction given to the Forsaken early on in the series.