Cooking – Learn to Cook Well

Up until about five years ago or so, I almost never cooked.  I ate a lot of fast food, microwave dinners and stuff that came out of cans and boxes.

Part of the reason was that I just didn’t want to devote the time and energy to it.  Part of the reason was that I never really learned how to cook.

However, both because of my desire to eat healthier and just getting plain tired of eating blah food all the time, a few years ago I started learning how to cook.  Thanks in large part to the Food Network, I have progressed to the point were I can successfully execute most basic to moderate level recipes.  However, I would like to progress to the point where I feel confident in cooking without a recipe.

I received this:

book for Christmas, so I will probably use that as a starting point.  I’ve also been coveting this book:

for a while now.

I will update the blog with my future progress.

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