Cruise – Take One

Cruises look like a fun way to see new places and experience new things.  While I may go with a typical Alaskan or Caribbean type cruise, I am also interested in a few speciality cruises.

One possibility is a bluegrass cruise.

First Quality Bluegrass Cruise – $799 – $999

In addition to the typical Caribbean Cruise type activities, this cruise features Bluegrass entertainment from some of the top touring bands in the genre.

Another is a celebrity cruise like:

Top Chef at Sea

There are several destinations to choose from and each features various former cheftestants from the Top Chef series on Bravo.

The cruises feature:

  • Meet the show’s chef’testants
  • Sample some of their creations
  • Attend chef demonstrations, private cooking classes, special dinners (with menus they’ve created)
  • Participate in Quickfire Challenges
  • Enjoy dishes prepared from their recipes in the Main Restaurant during Top Chef Night

Prices range from about $800 – 2000 per person for the Caribbean cruise to $1500 – $3600 for the European cruise.

Masterchef Cruise

This cruise features chef Graham Elliott plus several popular contestants from the Masterchef series.  The cruise features tips, recipes and cooking demos from chefs and contestants and Masterchef themed activities like the “mystery box challenge” and “pressure test.”

Prices range from: $1800 – $3800 per person

I will update the blog when I’m ready to plan my cruise.




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