Epic Road Trip

I have always wanted to rent a nice car and go on an epic road trip.

Things I’ll Need:

  1. a nice car
  2. GPS unit
  3. a travel plan
  4. snacks
  5. bottled water
  6. hotel reservations and/or camping gear
  7. money

The Car:

When I picture myself on this road trip, I’m picturing myself in a convertible with the top down or perhaps a nice muscle car.  A Ford Mustang or something similar would cost about $750 for 2 weeks before taxes and fees from Avis rental car.

GPS Unit:

I’m pretty skilled at getting lost, so I’ll definitely want a GPS unit to help me find my way.

Something like this

unit would be nice at around $289, but if I want to save some budget for other things a unit more like this one would be a possibility.

Travel Plan:

I plan to use something like roadtrippers.com to plan out a cross-country route that includes a number of interesting stops along the way.

Food & Drink:

Some of my planned stops will likely include places to eat, but between those I’ll need to stock up on some car friendly snacks, bottled water and probably grab a few drive through meals along the way.  One suggestion I really liked was to use a shower caddy like this one:

to make managing meals in the car easier.


Camping is a possibility, but I’ll probably be more likely to stay in hotels along the way.  Hotelclub.com or one of the other booking sites will likely come in handy.


A rough estimate of costs for this epic road trip are:

Rental Car: $900
Gas: $1100
Lodging: $1000
Food: $450
Attractions: $450
Shopping: $300
Misc: $250
Total Cost: $4450

I will update the blog when I am ready to begin planning my epic road trip.



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