Game of Thrones Marathon – Read All 7 Books

Next to the Wheel of Time series, the Song of Ice and Fire a.k.a. Game of Thrones series is my favorite series of high fantasy novels.

I have read the first four books and started the fifth a few times, but the slow pace of the latest novels and years between releases sapped my fervor and I have yet to complete it.

I will probably go ahead and read the fifth book before the next season of the TV series starts, but ultimately, if and when George finally finishes all 7 (or possibly 8 according to his publisher) novels, I intend to binge read the whole thing.

If he doesn’t pick up the pace, I fear Martin may pull a Robert Jordan on us and leave us hoping for someone else to finish the series.

I will update the blog when I start my Game of Thrones book marathon.


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