Hey Jude – 100 Best Songs

Next up on my list of the 100 Best Songs of all time, is Hey Jude by The Beatles.

While I enjoy some of The Beatles music, I won’t claim to be a huge Beatles fan or anything. Although, I did gain a newfound appreciation for their songs by playing the game Beatles Rockband and my old band even covered one of their songs for a while.

Hey Jude has a lush orchestral sound that progresses from a melancholy ballad to a rollicking celebration. The lyrics encourage Jude to open himself up to love and to all the experiences life has to offer and discourages him from making life more dreary than it has to be by closing yourself off to others, in order to avoid pain and rejection.

The message is simple. If you want her, go out and get her. Don’t sit around moping and stressing and wishing you had her, because you’re afraid, go out and get her. Additionally, the song suggests that you not heap all the problems of the world on your shoulders and sit around feeling sorry for yourself about it.

The song ends with a rather lengthy and memorable sing-along portion that’s hard to resist. The video features people in the background, standing with their arms around each other and swaying to the music, while singing along. I think that image perfectly encapsulates the warm, fuzzy feeling that Hey Jude invokes.

Hey Jude has all the hallmarks of the best of The Beatles music: a memorable tune, a meaningful message and a sound that entertains and evokes emotion. It’s easy to see why this band has become so revered by so many.

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