Star Wars Marathon – Watch all 9 Movies

When Star Wars: The Complete Saga was released on Blu-ray, I binge watched all six moves and it was glorious.  However, now that Disney is promising us episodes VII, VIII & IX, I have a new Star Wars marathon to add to my bucket list.

My first memory of Star Wars was watching The Empire Strikes back on the hood of my parent’s car at the now defunct drive in that was our town’s only place to see a feature film.

It wasn’t until I saw Return of the Jedi in the movie theater that I really fell in love with the series.  I’ll admit, I loved the Ewoks, but hey I was 9.  I would later get to see the first two films on cable television, vhs, DVD and finally on the big screen when the films were re-released the first time.

Then of course, there was the prequels.  I’m going to come out as saying I actually enjoyed all of the prequels.  Sure, they didn’t have the charm of the original movies, the dialog was stilted and the CGI effects were not overly convincing, but I still found them to be enjoyable, if not as good as I had hoped for.  I’m not sure what to expect for the Disney sequels, but I’ll remain cautiously optimistic until I have reason not to be.

If the sequels get made and released to Blu-ray in my lifetime (hopefully there won’t be all the shenanigans that delayed the original movies Blu-ray release), I will update the blog when I am ready to begin my ultimate Star Wars marathon.



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