Busch Stadium – Sit in the Green Seats

The “green seats” at Busch stadium are the premium seats directly behind home plate. So far, I have sat in the bleachers and the Bank of America Club at Busch III.

Both areas have their appeal, but sitting in the green seats is a bucket list worthy experience. The green seats are officially known as the “Cardinals Club,” which is one of the many all-inclusive areas at the stadium.  In addition to those primo seats behind the plate, you get an “upscale buffet” and unlimited drinks.  Average price for Cardinal’s Club tickets is around $300, though with dynamic pricing it changes from game to game.

In order to fulfill this wish, I’ll need to save up the $300 for the ticket, plus about $300 for a hotel room downtown plus another $100 or so for food and gas.

I will update the blog when I’m ready to make plans for my green seat experience.