Top 20 Pizza Places – Eat at One

Pizza is one of my, “if you were stuck on a desert island and you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life” foods.

However, I’m a bit picky about pizza. Most pizza chain pizza isn’t even worth eating to me.  My current favorite pizza joint in Hot Springs is Rocky’s Corner.

For this list item, I would like to eat at, at least one of the top 20 pizza places in the United States.  To determine which place(s) to try, I will be using this list from The Daily Meal.

I grew up with a mix of St. Louis and Chicago style pizza joints.  I have only had a few “Chicago style” pizzas that I liked.  There was a place in Raleigh, that I can’t remember the name of and Rocky’s Corner.  Most places selling Chicago style pizza serve a pizza with far too much sauce and bread for my taste.  Uno’s & Garcia’s pizzeria are both examples of this style.

St. Louis style is hit or miss for me.  I like the oft maligned “cracker” style crust.  The Provel cheese isn’t my favorite, but it works on some of the pizzas I have tried, like #92 on The Daily Meal’s list: Imo’s Pizza.

When I moved to North Carolina, the pizza places advertised pretty much exclusively “New York” style pizza.  Much like Chicago style, I have not been a fan of many New York style pizzas I have tried, though I am hopeful that the New York style pizza in New York is better than places I have tried.

My overall favorite pizza chain I have tried is the Mellow Mushroom with the “Magical Mystery Tour” being my pizza of choice.

The front runners for top 20 pizza places to try are:

Frank Pepe’s which is ranked #1 on the list and located in CT.

Di Fara Pizza located in Brooklyn and billed as Zagat’s #1 New York Pizza

I chose these two because the pizzas looked tasty.  Pepe’s offers a unique take on authentic pizza, while Di Fara’s seems like a good place to try to figure out what all the fuss about New York pizza is about.  If I don’t like the “#1 New York pizza” then I reckon I just don’t like New York pizza.

I will update the blog when I’m ready to plan a trip.



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