Walk to Mordor Challenge – Barrow Wight

Since I last updated, here is my progress:

I was captured by the Barrow Wight (115 miles) on 2/27/17.

I have now walked 124.88 miles. I am 10.12 miles from Bree, 115.12 miles from Weathertop, 333.12 from Rivendell, 673.12 from Moria, 795.12 from Caras Galadan, 1184.12 from Rauros, 1408.12 from Henneth Anun, 1659.12 from destroying the ring, 1781.12 from Minas Tirith, 2005.12 from Cross Mering Stream and 2316.12 miles from the end of my journey.

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