Walk to Mordor Challenge – Tom Bombadil’s House

It has been awhile since I last updated my Walk to Mordor challenge. Since that time, I have started my official walking program. I took my average number of daily steps at the start of the program and I have been adding 100 steps to my goal each week.

Since I last updated, here is my progress:

I reached the encounter with the black rider (32 miles) on 1/10/17, I met the elves (41 miles) on 1/15/17, I reached the edge of Farmer Maggot’s Field (61 miles) on 1/25/17, Buckleberry Ferry (70 miles) on 1/29/17, Crickhollow (73 miles) 1/31/17, Old Man Willow (95 miles) 2/11/17 and Tom Bombadil’s House (98 miles) on 2/13/17.

I have now walked 104.45 miles. I am 10.55 miles from being captured by the Barrow Wight, 1682.55 miles from destroying the ring and 2336.55 miles from the end of my journey.

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